Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shit ! how long

India as a country has been the victim of many outside attacks. The mongols ,huns, the moguls the Britishers and recently the terrorists have ravished our pride time and again. We as a nation have always pointed a finger towards these outside forces which have jolted our conscience, our pride and our unity time and again.

We as a nation can cry collectively during up and downs in a popular soap opera , we can show cosmetic solidarity when some page 3 personality is shot dead but can not voice our opinion as a collective when thousand of farmers commit suicide? We can join hands to wage a SMS war to support our regional heroes in some musical contest .

But have we as a nation bothered about how many children are killed each year just because we shit (read defecate ) in the open ? Are we bothered about the number of children succumbing to diarhoea every day because we defecate in the open ? (according to an estimate more than 42 children die in every 60 minutes from diarohea and water borne diseases and open defecation is said to be the major contributor to diarroheal deaths) ?

Are we as a nation concerned with EVENTs which cause mass destruction and indifferent to a continuous PHENOMENON like child deaths due to diarrohea just becos we defecate in the open? Are we as a nation promoting or patronising the deaths of our children by defecating in the open? Are we proud of exhibiting our shit in the open ?

Are we as a nation who take pride in naming ourselves as the foremost developed country in the Asian subcontinent, a nation of prawns with shit in our head feeding the dead body of our own collective pride? How long we can continue like this ?

Good freind "Harish" wonders why I am expecting so much from a nation which never bothered about how they "shit" ? Difficult to contest , I understand.

But one of the dying child can be mine

or yours .

Do we need to do some thing about it ?

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